Scarlet Hawk Consulting is a full service Public Relations, Issue Advocacy, and Consulting Firm

Message Development: is essential to breaking through the chatter in which most voters, donors, and citizens are immersed. Depending upon the time frame, SHC can create the authentically unique talking points that will differentiate your campaign to the audience, ensure you their support, and close out your competition.  SHC provides overall message strategy, speechwriting, copy editing, and message delivery.

Social Media Strategy: Modern issue campaigns demand an internet presence – no longer limited to website and email –Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Twitter give you more options to deliver your message and control the campaign image and conversation. Don’t stumble toward victory; capture the attention and persuade the target audience that can ONLY be reached within social media space.  SHC will develop an effective and efficient strategy to assure engagement of the voter be they on or off-line.  SHC ‘s strategies not only inform, but persuade and influence action on for your cause or election.    

Issue Advocacy: is requisite to provide protection and representation of interests in the legislative field.  SHC’s experience provides both short and long- term strategies to assure you a competitive edge.  Pending an immediate challenge, SHC serves to guide construction of short term strategies to dispel any legal or regulatory damage and/ or will create a long-term, proactive plan to hone messaging, target audiences, and develop strategic relationships to provide a client with a broad and effective plan for success. SHC’s bi-partisan relationships around the state will ensure that your interest is represented in a professional manner, with an assurance of integrity, that is necessary to give you access.

Campaign Strategy and Deployment: SHC utilizes the latest in campaign tactics from the political side with a tweak to recognize the intricacies of issue campaigns.  Our experience is in grassroots organizing that empowers individuals to take leadership roles and grow the circles of influence on key issues.  Through a mix of high level media messaging and good ole-fashioned grassroots, shoe leather, and phone dialing - our approach seeks to reach community leaders and voters at multiple levels and to mobilize support of the issue.

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